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Hvad er LoppeLindas Markeder?

Vores lopper er en invitation til at købe en masse secondhand - genbrugsguld, et sted, hvor du også kan finde lokalt håndværk og aktiviteter for både børn og barnlige sjæle - det værende hjemmelavede og bæredygtige brætspil fra Frankrig, tegnebord eller ansigtsmaling. 


Lokation, pris og datoer i 2023:

LoppeLinda-Loppesæsonen varer fra April-Oktober 2023. De fleste foregår i tidsrummet 10-15.00.


En stand koster 265 kr + Billettos gebryr. 

Standen er ca.2x2 - 3x3 meter afhængigt af location. Andre mål kan forekomme!


Hvad kan jeg salge

Generally, all goes well to sell. We do, however, some exceptions:


You may not sell beverages, candy, ice cream, food, coffee, fruit or anything else that can be consumed on the spot. These categories are of course very nice in a market, but this requires a special permit from us. Please contact us to find out more at


Sales of weapons, animals or anything that is illegal or offensive or inappropriate is not allowed. LoppeLinda market should be a pleasant experience for both other exhibitors and visitors. Noisy demonstrations of products, loud music or other such activities that may be perceived as intrusive and annoying are not allowed. We are confident that our exhibitors are fantastic and have wonderful things to show off, but to be on the safe side, we reserve the right to close a stall if we believe that it breaches these rules.


Hvem kan salge?

Our online registration is now open for individuals and small firms, selling items such as: design, clothing, crafts, jewelry, art, antiques and furniture etc.


If you are a larger company and / or have a business that provides a service / product which is far away from the areas that exemplified above, email us at for an inquiry and include a brief description of who you are and what you want to sell. 


Del din email herunder og få besked hver gang vi annoncerer et nyt marked. 


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